What is Therapy?


It is often described as ‘talking therapy’ best explained as a personal process one which offers a safe confidential space to talk about painful, confusing issues which at times may feel overwhelming.

The therapy if successful aims to build a trusting working relationship in which client experiences a sense of being ‘really heard’ and validated for who they are. Without being judged, in other words, the offer of unconditional positive regard for your experience allows greater awareness of one’s own potential.

Why Choose Therapy?

There are many reasons why people feel the need for therapy. Life events can throw us into crises and we may feel powerless to make changes. You may be feeling anxious or depressed, experiencing emotional difficulties, problems in relationships just talking about things that aren’t necessarily clear can allow problems to be solved under one’s own initiative.

What to Expect?

There will be an initial consultation with no obligation to proceed if you decide not to. If you should decide to go ahead sessions generally take place at the same time each week although exceptions to frequency of attendance can be discussed. I offer short and long term therapy. Therapy sessions are 60 minutes in duration and cost £40 per session. Introductory consultations are half price.

I do offer a limited number of concessionary places.