About me;


I first became interested in this work after my travels in India during the 1970’s. I travelled and lived in some quite remote places – a female travelling alone at that time was unusual but it afforded me the opportunity of immersing myself in Eastern Culture. On my return to this country I developed a keen interest in East / West cultures, philosophy and world religions which I pursued during the years my children were growing up. The outcome of this was a natural progression towards psychology which initially was inspired by Carl Jung’s work on the individuation process.

In 1996 I began working for Avon West Wiltshire Partnership Trust in various health & social care roles. The experience I gained working with people who were living with serious mental health problems has been invaluable to my work as a therapist and would have been difficult to acquire in such depth and diversity in any other situation. I continue to work as a therapist within the NHS.

Ultimately you cannot learn how to do psychotherapy by reading a book, working on a computer, watching a video or participating in a beaurocracy; you must learn it intimately from other people. (Mearns & Cooper).